Presentation, Instruction

From speaking at (and organizing leading IT conferences) to teaching graduate and undergraduate classes, available for public engagement.

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Lee Badman, President


Twitter: @wirednot

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Commercial UAS Ops

Having my FAA Remote Pilot Certification, I'm developing a modest commercial drone enterprise. 

See this document for new customers thinking about purchasing drone services.

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Over 20 years of covering IT topics- with focus on Wi-Fi and networking- in a variety of print and online publications. Frequently serve as Editor on articles and the occasional book.  Occasionally named to some "Top 30 Influencers" thing or other.

Resume review, specializing in military-to-civilian transition.​

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IT Consulting, Design

Many, many high-quality wired and wireless networks designed, problems solved and solutions integrated.  All sizes and scenarios. Technology is constantly evolving- I try to evolve as well by staying educated, being active in numerous IT communities, and investing in the right tools for the job.

Point-to-Point wireless links.

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