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IT Consulting, Design

Many, many high-quality wired and wireless networks designed, problems solved and solutions integrated with respect for client budget concerns.  All sizes and scenarios. Technology is constantly evolving- I try to evolve as well by staying educated, being active in numerous IT communities, and investing in the right tools for the job.

Point-to-Point wireless links.

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Wirednot, LLC

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Over 21 years of covering IT topics- with focus on Wi-Fi and networking- in a variety of print and online publications. Frequently serve as Editor on articles and the occasional book.  Occasionally named to some "Top 30 Influencers" thing or other, though I'm not a fan of such terms.

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Presentation, Instruction

From speaking at (and organizing leading IT conferences) to teaching graduate and undergraduate classes, available for public engagement.

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Lee Badman, President

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