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I've designed many, many networks over the last 23+ years. From small environments with just a few computers, to branch environments and full-blown large Enterprise networks, I've either designed or significantly contributed to overall network design on countless projects (and have frequently done full implementations myself).  Regardless of size and complexity, I have a keen ability to help customers define their specific needs and then translate those needs to viable network environments. 

My specialty is Wi-Fi, including point-to-point bridge links. I have almost 20 years of expertise with WLAN-specific stand-alone network hardware, controller-based WLAN, and cloud-managed product lines. You'll find that I'm adept at matching the right solution to the specific environment. From 900 MHz to 802.11ax and licensed frequencies, I'm a firm believer in getting it right the first time (with an excellent track record in this regard). No WLAN is too simple or too involved, and no one solution is perfect for all scenarios. Like any good wireless soldier, I'm currently learning all I can about 802.11ax's new 6 GHz spectrum and learning the IoT-specific solutions like LoRaWAN.

Let me help you cut through the fog of wireless network design and applications, and keep you from being fleeced by other networkers that might over-complicate or overcharge for what you really need.

Currently, I'm very selective about which network projects that I take on (my primary employment as a network architect for a large private university keeps me busy). But feel free to contact me for consultation, as I'm always happy to at least hear your challenge and provide perspective on how to proceed.

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Occupational Instructor, Extra Class Amateur License (KI2K). Spotwave, Bridgewave, other certifications.



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