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As a Master Instructor in the Air Force, I learned the arts of instruction, public speaking, and finding creative ways of conveying tech-heavy information to audiences of different sizes. Since then, I have taught vocational education classes on electronics, wireless networking, and wireless network security, along with undergraduate and graduate classes on networking. I have spoken on a range of network-oriented topics at several industry-leading conferences, including multiple appearances at Interop, Educause, and ACUTA. I do a lot of formal and informal training, and absolutely love to talk about what's going on in today's hyper-connected world. Here's an example of one of the more fun seminars I've put together for a local class for the tech-challenged in my community (it went very well). 

Recently, I presented on wireless guest access and other topics at the Wireless LAN Professionals Conference. I'm also a frequent delegate at Wireless Field Day. I was also on the Clear to Send podcast in November 2015, and the Clear to Send Podcast in early 2016. I attended Mobility Field Day 2 in July of 2017 (and MFD3 in 2018) as a delegate, and did a session on WLAN penetration testing at the Wireless LAN Professionals Conference (WLPC) in February 2018. For 2019 WLPC, I did a five-hour session on Radio Hobbies for the WLAN Professional.

Beyond teaching and speaking engagements, I've also done my share of contributing to event success on the administrative and logistics sides. I have been the Mobility Track Chairman for Interop (2014) and a frequent judge for Best of Interop (including head-judging in 2015). I've either facilitated or assisted in to dozens of other events, and enjoy the challenge of bringing groups of people together for technically-oriented gatherings.

Contact me for network-related speaking opportunities or to help coordinate your large IT events.

As an Adjunct Faculty member at Syracuse University, I have taught a range of graduate and undergraduate courses.

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