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As a Master Instructor in the Air Force, I learned the arts of instruction, public speaking, and finding creative ways of conveying tech-heavy information to audiences of different sizes. Since then, I have taught vocational education classes on electronics, wireless networking, and wireless network security, along with undergraduate and graduate classes on networking. I have spoken on a range of network-oriented topics at several industry-leading conferences, including multiple appearances at Interop, Educause, and ACUTA. I do a lot of formal and informal training, and absolutely love to talk about what's going on in today's hyper-connected world. Here's an example of one of the more fun seminars I've put together for a local class for the tech-challenged in my community (it went very well). 

Recently, I presented on wireless guest access and other topics at the Wireless LAN Professionals Conference. I'm also a frequent delegate at Wireless Field Day. I was also on the Clear to Send podcast in November 2015, and the Clear to Send Podcast in early 2016. I attended Mobility Field Day 2 in July of 2017, as a delegate, and will be doing a session on WLAN penetration testing at the Wireless LAN Professionals Conference in February 2018.

Beyond teaching and speaking engagements, I've also done my share of contributing to event success on the administrative and logistics sides. I have been the Mobility Track Chairman for Interop (2014) and a frequent judge for Best of Interop (including head-judging in 2015). I've either facilitated or assisted in to dozens of other events, and enjoy the challenge of bringing groups of people together for technically-oriented gatherings.

Contact me for network-related speaking opportunities or to help coordinate your large IT events.

As an Adjunct Faculty member at Syracuse University, I recently taught a graduate class on networking, and a wireless class  in Fall 2017.

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