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Writing and Industry Analysis

I've always been a writer. I was that annoying kid in English and Social Studies that got an A on almost every paper and made it look easy (this was balanced by being pretty bad at science). From developing technical training courses in the Air Force to a long- and still active- freelance writing career in both print and online media, I have published hundreds of product reviews, industry analysis pieces, how-to articles, and more. I've both edited and contributed to technical books including the Certified Wireless Analysis Professional 402 Official Study Guide.

You can find my work in a number of active outlets, including Network Computing, SearchNetworking, IT Toolbox, and in many other nooks and crannies online. Look me up!

It was my honor to be the Amateur Radio columnist for the Syracuse NY Post-Standard for a several-year stretch, and a longtime writer for the now defunct Cabling Business Magazine (both were wonderful gigs). These days, my primary focus is on Wi-Fi and wireless technologies, but I still cover a lot of other technical ground. I make it my business to boil off marketing hype, and call both the good and the bad as I see them.

When not writing professionally, I stay busy with my own well-read blog at I believe in what I call "gonzo blogging"- writing from first-hand experience in real-world situations, trying to capture the good, the bad, the ugly, and the true impact of the topic.  

Got a topic that you'd like written about? Need a blogger or writer for a single article or a series? I also do position papers, product reviews, whitepapers, and text/coursework editing. I'm pretty flexible, and my long writing career speaks for itself. Contact me to see if my skills fit your need. (Please don't ask me to cover routine customer stories or the movings around of CIOs, CTOs, etc- that stuff is just not exciting to me or most readers, and I refuse to stroke tech execs' egos .)